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The Gifties Start Rolling in...

My first baby shower is this weekend. There will be two. The second will be later in the pregnancy, hosted and attended by my local friends.

This one is hosted by my mother’s friends, all of whom have been beneficiaries many times over of my mother throwing grandbaby showers for them. So it’s payback time. Lucky me!

Early last year, my husband and I enjoyed a similar event, thrown by the same circle of ladies (whose daughters married long ago), for my bridal shower.

Last night, husband joked, “So far, every year, we visit your parents and people throw us a party and give us lots of gifts. This is going to keep happening, right?”


The shower is tomorrow. We’ve already received the bottle warmer, themuch-debated Pack-and-Play, and the organic crib sheets. My mother has shown me the blanket in progress she’s knitting. Last night, my aunt announced she’s also knitting a blanket, and my sister called yesterday to confirm that a blue and brown blanket she was shopping for would match the nursery theme. Baby boy is going to be very warm.

This morning, mom asked if she could give me a gift without wrapping it. Why, yes, of course! ...Two hipster onesies with phrases like “Rock Star” and “Milk Junkie” printed on them (and matching socks), and a giant stuffed blue dog.

I am excited, and overwhelmed. Where are we going to put all this stuff???