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The Glucose Tolerance Test

7:35 a.m.

The lab waiting area is packed. I had worried that coming in right after the lab opens, the day after a 3-day holiday weekend, might be a bad idea. I immediately walk up to the window, interrupt one of the nurses there. "Hi. I realize there's a ton of people here. But I'm taking my oral glucose tolerance test. I wonder if I could just drink the sugar drink now and then wait out my hour?"

No problem.

7:40 a.m.

I finish my 50 grams of sugar drink. With everything that everyone had told me about it, I expected it to be A LOT worse. It tasted like flat, extra-sweet Sprite. But, nice and cold. Not so bad really.

Ate my "last meal" at 11:00 p.m. last night. I hope that was long enough ago. With my baby-squished stomach, I think I can still feel some of the bread and cheese in there this morning. Doctor had said to fast for four hours before the test.

Had two nightmares about accidentally eating before coming here this morning. In one dream, I ate a piece of bread while filling out my paperwork. Like the dreams of oversleeping or running late that one has the night before a final exam.

Nothing to worry about though. No bread here. There are two cafés on the corner... should be useful when my hour of waiting and such is over with. I guess they have to draw blood at 8:40, test it, and then hopefully let me go.

7:50 a.m.

My friend who is a doctor had suggested I ask them to let me lie down while I digest the sugar. So far I don't mind sitting up. Only 10 minutes into it, but I'm just not feeling that bad. Maybe a more funny taste in my mouth. (Not sure if that's from the sugar — I didn't brush my teeth this morning because I forgot to ask if that was allowed.)

Woman next to me coughs up a storm. Ugh. I forgot to worry about that. Sitting in a waiting room full of sick people.

7:55 a.m.

Someone mentions that the meters start at 8:00 (I'd assumed 9:00). I get up and go to one of the cafés to get change. Promise the woman I'll come back and buy something to eat after my test.

8:00 a.m.

Return to lab waiting room. Now I am sitting next to another pregnant woman who is in for her glucose tolerance test, too. Her sugar drink was orange flavored, she tells me. She also informs me that it might make us throw up.

And, if we throw up, it means we might have Gestational Diabetes.

Throw up???

No one warned me about this.

So far I feel fine.

I close my eyes to meditate.

8:15 a.m.

I AM NAUSEOUS. Super duper nauseous. My head feels swimmy. My whole body is cold. Vision funny. I don't think I can stand up to go ask the lab tech about a bed. I consider the floor in front of me. I ask my new friend for help — she goes up to the window. I put my head between my knees.

8:20 a.m.

Lying down. Sweet relief. Wish I had a pillow though.

8:40 a.m.

Tech enters the room. I didn't throw up! I passed! Woo hoo! She takes two vials of blood (while I'm still lying down) — one for the glucose test, another for a blood cell count test my doctor had also ordered.

8:45 a.m.


(I'd brought a couple of individually wrapped pieces in my purse.)

8:50 a.m.

Exit lab. Give second piece of cheese to my new friend who is still waiting. Buy banana from corner café. Eat banana. Drive (carefully) to a diner in my neighborhood for a real breakfast of eggs, bacon, and hash browns. Run into a friend who tells me her glucose tolerance story from five years ago. She'd failed the test I'd taken this morning, and she'd had to undergo the next level of the test, drinking the glucose liquid and fasting, having her blood drawn every hour for four straight hours.


Hopefully that won't happen to me. Results of my blood test should come in about a week or less. Fingers crossed.