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Good News, Again

Did I mention here that I passed my home glucose testing regime? Six days of recording my eating habits, pricking my finger, dripping blood on test strips... my numbers all came out fine. I don't have gestational diabetes. Phew!

The not-SO-good news is that once I stopped recording my food for review, I started to fall off the wagon regarding eating protein with every carbohydrate, eating less sweet snacks... Oh well.

Today I had a bran muffin and strawberry kefir for a snack, and then fell asleep for an hour. Perhaps that wasn’t a good snack? Or perhaps falling asleep at noon on Monday is par for the course in Tri-3?

There is, and is not, a single road map for this experience. Some people break out, my skin has been astonishingly clear, for the first time in my life. Some people get constipation and hemorrhoids, I (knock on wood!) — so far — have not.

But sleepy, moody... I AM SO SLEEPY and MOODY! Oooof. Not sure where that middle part was where I was supposed to feel like superwoman. Hada dayor two like that, but that’s it so far.

The magic Ayurvedic dahl-and-rice dishI am having for lunch as I type is helping to restore some sense of balance to my body and brain, thank goodness. Because I still have work do to, gosh darn-it.

Many people have said that the insomnia and other treats of the third trimester are nature’s way of preparing us for the insomnia and other treats of new-parenthood.

Mmmmm. Can’t wait.