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Good news: I'm 25 weeks pregnant and still cancer free!

I just got my results from the blood test and…no sign of cancer. Woo-hoo! I’ve now been off Gleevec (the drug that has been keeping my CML in remission for the past eight years) since April 18th -- the day I ovulated. That means no treatment for over five months and no change. I am beyond thrilled. I am also not completely surprised given the success I had when I was pregnant with Alex.

But still…I do not take these happy moments for granted. I may even celebrate a little. Perhaps I’ll splurge and hit up Baskin-Robbins today. I get the results of my glucose test (the screening for gestational diabetes) later so I better do it soon just in case!

In other news, did you guys see this gigantic baby born in Indonesia? A 19 pounder.Thank God for C-sections!

Anyway, I just wanted to share the good news. Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts. Have a good weekend. I know I will!