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Goodbye Man Cave, Hello Nursery!

My husband suggested this post topic to me since he's apparently slightly annoyed about my attitude when it comes to the baby's things. Here's what our room looked like pre-baby:



"Why don't you write about how you hate when I put my clothes in her crib, and how you only care about keeping her room clean but not the other rooms in the house."

OKAY… Well, honey, I didn't know you felt that way.

It's true. My husband sometimes likes to toss his clothes in the baby's bassinet or crib and I always get on him about that. "It's not a hamper," I tell him. And he sighs and finds a better place for his things. But really… Wouldn't you be the same way?

I've never been a big neat freak. I live in what I like to call "organized chaos." But when it comes to the baby's things and her room, I like to try to keep it as neat as possible.

It has been a difficult transition, especially since it's what use to be a guest room/wannabe Man Cave. Now his closet is overflowing with infant dresses, tutus, diapers and bows. What use to be the place for his hamper has been replaced with a new changing table and dresser filled with shoes, socks, and onesies. I guess I can’t blame really blame him.

The rest of the house… Well, for now that doesn't matter so much. I admit it; I'm guilty of neglecting other areas of our home. While lately I have had the urge to clean those areas more than I normally do (usually my husband has to beg me to help him clean, now I'll pick up after myself and clean a little without him asking) I’m still in no hurry to bust out the toothbrush and scrub the grout on our kitchen floor. I'll get to it when I get to it, but I'm trying my best to keep the nursery as neat and organized as possible.

I've never decorated a room as much as I've been into decorating this room. I had never made curtains, had decorations hanging from every wall, or a complete bedding set that coordinates with everything else.



I've never made as much as I've created for this room: A mobile, artwork, toy box (in progress), window treatments and pillows. But I'm enjoying every moment of it.



My husband is counting down to the day we can move to a bigger place and he'll have room for his "man cave," but for now, we've replaced sports memorabilia for pink bows and butterflies.

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