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Google: The newly pregnant woman’s arch nemesis

19w3d- For the first few weeks after I found out I was pregnant, I’d say I spent about 76 percent of my day Googling. It started out really innocent: what not to eat during pregnancy, what to expect during your first trimester, and when to tell your family and friends that you’re pregnant. But once I got bored with the very vanilla, obvious answers I was finding, I went straight for the Google jugular: common birth defects associated with the first trimester, symptoms of a miscarriage, and sudden infant death syndrome.

In addition to my Google obsession, I also signed up for every daily e-news update related to pregnancy. Needless to say, I was inundated every second with information. It was like having a devil sitting on my shoulder all day, every day, whispering the most negative, scary details in my ear.

 So I stopped cold turkey. No 12-step program. No slowly weaning myself off. I just stopped reading anything and everything that might possibly potentially maybe could go wrong. I’m focusing on what fruit my beautiful baby is this week (a mango!) and starting to think about decorating the nursery (only one more week until I know if Nugget is a boy or girl).

Without all this scary extra info, I’ve been able to focus on all the positives of pregnancy and embrace the romanticism of being pregnant for the first time. Maybe I was meant to be pregnant before the digital age. The amount of information available to us with just a few clicks is inspiring but extremely daunting at the same time. I embrace the changing digital and journalistic landscape, so much so that I’ve shaped my career around these new technologies. Sure, knowledge is power. But maybe there is such a thing as too much information. Maybe my doctor, who has been delivering babies for 23 years, is my only Google for the time being.

Everyone is different. But for me, someone who researches for a living and prides herself on being prepared, somehow “ignorance is bliss” is really working.

What do you think? Do you prefer to know too much? Or learn as you go along? What’s working for you during your pregnancy?