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Halloween Costume Drama: What are your kids going as?

We tried this on last night. Pretty cute, right?

I always fancied myself the kind of mom who would make really cool, crafty Halloween costumes for my kids. Or at least shop for really cool, creative costumes. But so far, that’s just not the case. This is Alex’s third Halloween that he has worn a hand-me-down get-up—last year it was a bear; this year it’s a fireman (or a pirate...we have both so it’s going to be a game-time decision). The costumes are from my cousin Katie’s son and they are super-nice—she buys them at Pottery Barn and has taken great care of them—but I still can’t help but feel like a copout….

My Aunt Betsy, who I idolized as a kid, always made costumes for her entire family and they always rocked. My favorite was the year they went as a Happy Meal. She was a vanilla shake, my uncle was a Whopper, and my cousins were a Whopper Jr. and a small fry. She cut all the material out of soft styrofoam and painted it meticulously and even glued little felt sesame seeds on the buns. It was genius!

I’m thinking once I have my girl maybe there will be more room for creativity? I once dressed up as Pippi Longstocking, which was pretty fantastic. I wore two long braids that I wired to stick straight out and painted dark freckles on my face and got red and white striped socks. Maybe I’ll have a redhead and I can make her a mini Pippi someday. Or maybe I’ll just stick with the super-convenient hand-me-down situation. My cousin has a daughter, too….

I’m curious: What are your kids going as this year? Did you make their costumes? What was the best costume you ever wore? Any good pregnancy costumes? Points for creativity! (Last night on The Office, Jim wrote “book” across his face….he was “facebook”—I thought that was kind of hilarious). HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

We're carving this puppy tonight!