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Hamburgers Make Me Happy

I used to be a vegetarian. Then I got pregnant. During my first trimester, all the vegeterian sources of protein (milk, cheese, tofu, beans, etc.) made me sick, so I would occasionally allow myself a piece of chicken. For the sake of the boys, of course. But the more meat I began to eat, the more I wanted. I moved on from chicken to roasted turkey and pork tenderloin, then hamburgers and huge strip steaks. And I realized why I've perhaps avoided them all this time: They are freaking delicious. Soon, the only thing I craved was red meat. My family couldn't believe it; their stuck-up little animal crusader had become a true carnivore.

And now that I know my babies will have to be born early at 35 weeks, I'm hell-bent on beefing them up. I don't want them to spend any time in the NICU, and the nurses tell me that the best way to add ounces to their fetal weight is to consume lots of protein, preferably red meat. How convenient. So Emily fetches me hamburgers and steaks for every meal.

Not sure I'll be able to give them up once I no longer have the babies as an excuse.