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Happy New Year! (and some end-of-year photos)

I hope you all enjoy the next few days. I'll be nesting and resting, getting ready for my final week before baby number two arrives. Yipes! I think we're getting closer to being prepared so that's good, though I still need some advice.... We'll talk more about baby (and epidurals, birth and--ouch!--breastfeeding) next week. In the meantime, Happy New Year and I hope you like the pix!


We had a blizzard the week before Christmas...Alex LOVED it. (P.S., this is a snowsuit for an 18-month-old, which is all I had when the storm hit...can you say mother of the year?)


With Nick at my parents' house on Christmas Eve--we had a huge family party which was lots of fun. 


Alex is obsessed with these jammies that Grandma Debbie brought him...he'll probably be wearing them till July!


Our living room on Christmas morning....


Alex loved his bike from Grandma and Grandpa and has even learned to peddle like a lunatic around the house. 


He also got a motorized ATV thingy from Aunt Meggie which he is in love with. Fortunately all the snow melted a couple days after Christmas so he got to play with it in the yard (for two hours straight until I finally dragged him inside...). 

And last but not least, a belly shot of me...I look ready, no?