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HELP! How Did You Choose Your Pediatrician?

I've heard of mom guilt but I never thought I'd experience it this early. I've spent so much time these past few months of my pregnancy researching things about labor, taking childbirth classes, talking to friends about unmediated vs medicated birthing and just about everything else to do with the subject of getting the baby out of me. But now I'm back to where my thoughts began on this subject. It's one day of my life. Sure, an exciting one, but as long as my baby is healthy, all that other stuff is extra.

Now here I am panicking about other important things I need to decide just two weeks away from my due date.

My biggest stress right now is finding a pediatrician. Who would have thought it would be so hard? Actually, I think I'm making this MUCH more complicated than it needs to be. I don't have any plans for delayed or refusing vaccinations and I have lots of breastfeeding support, (though it would be nice to have a doctor who gives extra support if I need it) but for some reason this has been so difficult for me to figure out.

Usually the first thing I do when I'm looking for a doctor is get referrals. I found my family doctor through a friend and we love him. He referred me to my OB and we love her. As far as children's pediatrics, my family practitioner can do the same well checks and vaccinations as a pediatrician so at first, I considered going back to him.

I talked that option over with my husband and he thought it would be a good idea to just choose a pediatrician, plus, usually they have better hours. So we were back to the drawing board.

I got pediatrician referrals from my OB and printed out a list of pediatricians close to my home covered by my insurance. Each list had about 30 pediatricians. I went through them all and narrowed them down to proximity, then ratings on various MD rating sites.

Finally, I had narrowed it down to a woman whos bio, referrals, and proximity I liked. She even had a photo that gave me good vibes if thats possible. She was voted one of the Best Doctors for 2009 and several years before, and was even given a Parents Choice Award. I called to set up an appointment and guess what? Shes not accepting new patients.

Pregnancy hormones took over my body when I heard those words and I let the tears flow. My husband called just after I got off the phone with the receptionist and I confessed I'd never find our baby a doctor.

He assured me we'd find a doctor and that there's still time, plus, we can always switch.

Now I see why this is one of those things on the baby checklist somewhere around five months of pregnancy. It's not fun stressing about this weeks, or DAYS before your due date.

I normally am a procrastinator so this isn't really a surprise that I don't have this done yet, but I am feeling a bit of mommy guilt for not having figured this out earlier in the game. I mean, a doctor for my baby seems like kind of a big deal.

How did you choose your pediatrician? What kinds of things did you look for and what to you makes a good pediatrician?

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