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Help, I'm Having a Girl!

I was so sure I was having a boy. So sure that I was picking out "blue things" instead of "pink things" and scoping out little boy beanies.

Intelligender told me I was having a boy, so did the Chinese lunar calendar. I had to cheat on most of the wives tales test to get it to tell me I was having a girl. I didn't know anyone who had had as many thing pointing to "boy" as I did, so I was setting myself up for blue.

I was a little frustrated looking at the selection of boy clothing. Nothing seemed my style and well, blue just isn't as cute as pink. But I was accepting, and knew that at least it would help me keep from depleting our entire savings on baby stuff.

I was completely and utterly shocked when the ultrasound tech said we were having a baby girl. She had a clear shot of her lady parts, and I having studied gender-revealing ultrasounds for hours the night before also thought it looked like a girl.

I was so excited I couldn't help but cry, and I couldn't stop smiling. Having a baby is exciting enough but having a girl is just too much to handle. It's also a little too much for my wallet.

First off, let me tell you I am one of the BEST bargain shoppers around. I compare retail prices to prices I find online, prices at outlet stores, and prices with coupons.... I just had to tell you that fact before I tell you that my little girl already had 42 outfits... Yes, 42. Thirty of them are dresses. She also has a tutu (and another 100 on the way, remember?).

Here's a one of my favorites:


Now before you flip out let me tell you that I've listened to advice from so many moms who tell me not to buy tons of newborn stuff. "They grow so fast... blah blah blah." Got it! So she only has 4 newborn outfits. My husband was 10bs 2oz at birth and I'm praying she's smaller than that so she can wear some of those!

One of the dresses I MADE... Yes, I made it in a couple of hours!! So that was free (cause I have tons of fabric around my house), and I'm proud.

Her other inventory: 12 outfits for 0-3 months. 10 of these dresses I bought new with tags off eBay for $17! Another item in this inventory is a sweater I got off the clearance rack at The Children's Place outlet for $1.99!


She has 13 outfits to wear when she's in the 3-6 month range, 10 of those are also dresses. 10 outfits for the 6-9 month range, 5 of those are dresses (it should be colder around this time). And 3 outfits in the 9 month-1 year old range. I also have a stash of Robeez shoes and Trumpette socks... Many of which I bought at a consignment sale for a fraction of retail price.



I think I've been pretty smart in diversifying my selection and getting everything on sale, I just hope I can stop with my addiction.

I thought I had shopping problems before I was pregnant but that was NOTHING compared to my current obsession. I don't blame it all on myself though. There's just too much cute stuff out there for girls and I'm a sucker for marketing.

I really need to find a place to put all of her stuff because I already have my own closet and she's already taking over half of her daddy's!


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