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Help me welcome a new addition to Project Pregnancy!

No, I didn’t give birth over the weekend (thank God, I’m only 28 weeks!). But we do have another baby on board. Starting tomorrow we’re going to have a special new blogger on Project Pregnancy (in addition to the special blogger you already haveWink).

Her name is Taylor, she’s 24, lives in Brooklyn, and just got married. Oh, and she’s expecting her first baby in February! Here’s the thing: The pregnancy was a total surprise. But Taylor and her new hubby are getting creative and figuring it out as they go along. I know she is excited to be posting here and I am sure we can all help her get prepared to take the leap into motherhood.

We’ll be hearing from Taylor (that's her with the cute bump, above) on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I will still be here the rest of the week. So please, welcome Taylor!

Oh, and thanks for all the great baby name advice and suggestions. Keep em coming!