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Holiday shopping: Are you done?

Christmas is in exactly 10 days and I am not ready. I’m not as unprepared as usual but it’s not like everyone’s gift has been wrapped and placed under the tree either (oh, how I aspire to be one of those super-efficient shoppers!). And, with the baby coming in one month, I have double the amount of things on my to-do list this year. I even have a sonogram on Christmas Eve so last-minute shopping is kind of out. I’m imagining some of you are in the same boat so I thought we could toss around some gift ideas today. Preferably ones that can be purchased online since I don’t feel like leaving my house these days.

I’ve got Alex covered with a basketball hoop, some coloring stuff, a little airplane and Thomas gear. (Nick and I do not feel the need to go overboard with gifts since both his grandmothers spoil him rotten.) My in-laws are in good shape, but I can’t tell you what I got them since my MIL reads the blog! After that, I need help.

So, what are you getting the people on your list? The men in your life? The babies, the sisters, brothers, random cousin’s husbands? Any and all suggestions welcome!