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Hormones In Full Swing

The other day I was at the gym on the elliptical trainer, doing my thing, and flipping through the channels on the mini TV on my machine, and up popped the movie Baby Boom. I remember really liking the movie when I saw it in the 80s, and since I'm now fascinated by everything baby-related, I started to watch.

I should've known not to watch anything remotely emotional in a public place. First, I nearly started crying when orphaned baby Elizabeth got a cold and Diane Keaton's character started to bond with her in the middle of the night — cuddling her close, giving her medicine, watching her sleep, etc. Then, when Diane Keaton almost gave Elizabeth away to new adoptive parents, I completely lost it. There I was, sobbing in the gym on the elliptical trainer, wiping my tears with my workout towel while little Elizabeth cried and cried as Diane Keaton nearly left her in the adoption agency with the stern couple. The thought of giving up that sweet baby girl...All I can say is that it's a good thing Diane Keaton ended up marching out of that adoption agency with Elizabeth in her arms where she belonged, or I would've had to stop my workout. I'm seriously hormonal.