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"I Fell for the 'It Tastes Like Candy' Trick!"

"This one tastes like Sprite and this one like orange soda."

That's what the nurse told me before I made my choice on what flavored drink I'd rather down for my gestational diabetes test... Or the test which will tell me if I'm to give up yummy sweets among other things for the remainder of my pregnancy.

Monday was the day I'd take the test. The day I'd drink the infamous drink I've heard so much about since my first pregnant friend.



I took the drink out of my cupboard and tweeted through my experience (yes, what better way to document an experience than on Twitter?).

I was greeted with mixed reviews. Some said it was gross. Others told me the drink wasn't as bad as they say. It taste like Sprite. Maybe they'd done some improvements on the drink since so many bad reviews form pregnant ladies? Maybe it wouldn't be that bad. I was optimistic.

I took my first gulp and felt betrayed. Like a three year old tricked by her mommy with the "honey, it taste like candy" trick, I fell for it. Cough syrup doesn't taste like candy. It tastes like poison. I looked at the clock and remembered the strict instructions: Drink within five minutes. I began to wonder if this was an impossible task. I'm normally one of those people you're waiting on at the restaurant. You know -- The slow eater. Yea, that's me, and it can take me hours to down a bottle of soda.



Friends on Twitter cheered me on. I either had to do it right now... Or I'd have to do it again later. NO! I couldn't let that couldn't happen. I'd already ingested a portion of the drink I'd better just get it over with.

I held my breath and took three big gulps. Followed by a strange noise and spitting sounds. My husband just getting out of the shower wanted to know what was up with all of my commotion. There I was, bouncing on what will be used as my birthing ball and spitting in our poor dog's direction... He too was confused by my actions.



I made it though. I survived. I did it! I didn't die from poison. I didn't puke (thank goodness or I'd have to do it over) and I did it in the allotted time frame.

I let my dog Snoop sniff the bottle and he too was unimpressed. In fact, normally he LIKES plastic bottles... This one he practically ran away from. Not a good sign.



My OB's office seemed to be pleased with my accomplishment so I was as well. I did confront them about their naughty trickery with the flavor comparison.

"If you instead emphasized the word 'flat' before 'orange soda' or 'Sprite' it would be more accurate." I told them.

Later, after my drink was gone, and after my blood was drawn friends on Twitter advised me to drink it cold. Oh, ok thanks! I'll remember that two to three years from now when I'm doing this all over again.

I still don't know the results. I have a card with a number on it I'll use to get my results in the next few days. I'm hoping I don't get a phone call. Usually no phone call is a good thing.

Meanwhile, I've been doing research on this condition. It doesn't affect many women yet I know a few who have had it. Did you? What did you think of the drink? Were you also tricked?

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