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I Love the Holidays! What Are You Doing This Year?

Being super pregnant during the holiday season has, so far, been a blast. Work, for one thing, has been pleasantly accomodating; the parties picked up and the pace slowed down as the quarter has come to its close. I’ve thus been able to ease up on my personal level of productivity (okay... slack) while still taking care of business, which is a serious perk as I become more distracted by excitement surrounding the impending arrival of the baby... and more tired.

This time of year is especially fun socially because we get to see lots of our friends together in consolidated places, at various parties, dinners out, and so forth. We got hit with a serious snowstorm on Saturday night, but ventured into it regardless so as to attend an annual party at the home of some friends in another part of Brooklyn. Traffic was sparse and crawling as cab and car service drivers, possibly from far warmer climates, navigated the snowy terrain, but the party was festive and roaring; it felt like a bright, warm oasis in a beautiful, silent, snow-covered New York. I was a little dismayed not to be able to drink the Wassail, but I did dance it up to Beyonce, which always gets me into the celebratory spirit. :-) I also felt at liberty to indulge in all of the delicious foodstuffs. Mmmm.

Aaron and I decided to forego family-oriented excursions last year and instead got ourselves a Wii and a flat-screen TV (we’d been watching movies on my computer for months), roasted a chicken, and had a fantastic time just hanging out together on Christmas. This year, we have a two-foot-tall tree, we’ve sent off our cards, I’m making cookies tonight, and we’re doing a Christmas Eve dinner with some friends (so all similarly low-key).

Tree Ornament

We're switching it up after that, though; Aaron’s dad and sister will arrive Christmas day and stay with us for the week leading up to the New Year. We’ll venture to New Hampshire immediately after their departure for a brief visit with my family and the first of two baby showers (SO excited for those).

I was at first a little hesitant about all of the family and travel time (our guests will actually be staying IN our apartment, which is very, very small… and whenever I go back to New Hampshire I feel weirdly like I am fifteen again), but I’m now looking forward to it. We'll have a perfect excuse to go do all of the classic New York holiday stuff (namely gawk at windows and giant trees), and then we’ll have a little excursion and change of scenery before 2010 kicks in.

Next year our holidays will be family oriented in that we will be doing it up for our little boy; I can’t wait! This year, we’ll be spending quality time with our families as the family we are right now, and with our friends. What could be better?

How do you figure out what your plans are for holidays when there’s a baby/small child in the mix who everyone wants a piece of? What are you up to this year?

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and a new year filled with adventure and joy!