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I need your help with baby gear: What product made your life easiest in the beginning?

I’m going to a baby shower for a friend tomorrow and I need your help. Along with the super cute invite came a little insert that reads:

Baby wipes, teething rings, diapers galore,
Onesies, bibs, books, blankets, binkies and more.
If each guest would bring just one of these,
Our new mommy and baby would surely be pleased.
No need to wrap it, your name don’t tell,
she’ll find the essentials in her Wishing Well.

I already got her a nice present but I have to pick something up for the Wishing Well today and, well, I obsess way too much about this stuff and want it to be good. Now, I know my name is not even going to be on it so I shouldn’t stress, but that’s just who I am. And what’s the point of getting her something that she won’t use?

So, what little item -- I’m assuming this should be around $5 -- was most important to you when you brought your baby home? Even though it’s only been two years since I had Alex I can’t really remember the essentials I relied on most. Burp cloths? SwaddleMes? My mother? I could burn my friend a copy of the white noise CD that Alex has been listening to since birth -- one of my friends gave me that, and it was genius -- but do I even have a burner?

OK, any and all thoughts welcome. This will be helpful for me, too, as I begin to at least think about stocking the house for baby #2. (It still doesn’t quite feel real that there will be another child here in four months…yipes!)

Have a great weekend!