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I Will Not Pick My Daughter's Nose

There are some practices we say we'll never, under any circumstances, ever do... Only later do we find ourselves eating our words when we succumb to that very routine we promised ourselves we'd avoid.

There are a few things I have on that list: Using a leash for my daughter, or giving my 5-year-old a cell phone. One custom I hope I never give in to when I cross into the ranks of motherhood, and it's using my bare hands to wipe/pick/clean my kid's nose.

I know I know, sometimes there's just a booger that just seems too hard to reach, and I've heard that story. But I'm hoping I'll be prepared when that circumstance arrives.

I'm ok with poop, and pee. Drool is pretty gross but I can deal with it on my hands along with the rest of it but I don't do snot. I hate it. I hate boogers too. Basically any material that comes from the nose grosses me out. I don't even pick my own nose! ... Seriously, I need a tissue to go in that region.

Sure, it's natural. My mom did it... But it grossed me out when she would do it... Or when she'd lick her thumb them wipe some dirt off my face…Eeeelh!!!

I'm really amazed at the bravery of women who can grab their child's hanging snot with their fingers. Of course I don't think there's anything wrong with it I just can't see myself doing it.

People ask me "well would you just leave the booger there in their nose?" No... I don't think so, but I'd be sure to ALWAYS have a tissue on hand, or use their bib, or burp cloth or go to the bathroom and get tissue or something! Wipes... We carry those in diaper bags right? That'll work!

I worked in daycare for years. There were many days during cold season where I was wiping snotty noses all day. But believe me, there was a good six layers of tissue between my hands and their drippy noses. Sadly, I don't see myself handling it much differently for my own child.

I know I know... Never say never. I won't say you'll never catch me grabbing my daughter's crusty nose with my naked fingers, but I will say I doubt it.

Were there things you said you wouldn't do that you ended up doing once you had your baby?

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