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I'm Pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's the first time I've written that.

I've gotten a little used to saying it, but I'm still absorbing it.

I'm pregnant. I'm pregnant. Wow. Sometimes I can't believe I'm the one I'm talking about. Me, pregnant! And I really can't believe it happened on the second try (to read about how I got to this point, check out The Fertility Files). I feel so incredibly lucky.

Maybe it's taking me a while to believe it because I was pretty slow in coming to the realization that I was actually pregnant.

Here's what happened: I took my first pregnancy test several days after my period was due, and I saw just the faintest of lines next to the control line. But I wasn't sure if that faint line counted. And my husband was convinced that it didn't mean anything.

faint line pregnancy test

So the next morning, I took another test. Again, I got a very faint line. And again, my husband was sure that this test didn't confirm anything.

"But it doesn't show a line at all if you're not pregnant," I told him. "The instructions say that the line can be faint."

"But that line is so faint — that can't mean you're pregnant," he said.

Each morning after I took the test, I called my mom to ask her opinion.

"I have a good feeling about this," she said trying to keep the excitement out of her voice.

"But let's not get excited yet. We don't know for sure," I said. "Maybe I'll wait a few more days before I take the next test, to give the pregnancy hormone more time to show up."

"Whatever you want to do," she said, even though I knew she was dying for me to take another test that minute. "Go to the drugstore and buy as many tests as you want and I'll pay you back for them," she offered.

Later that day I decided I couldn't wait a few more days to test again. So I got a pack of three digital pregnancy tests (on Mom's tab). It was time to take the guesswork out of this.

The next morning, I took the first of the three tests by peeing on the stick. And it went blank! Error. Why hadn't I peed into a cup and saved my precious sample pee? In desperation, I stuck the second stick into the unflushed toilet (I know, yuck), hoping it would register some of my hormones in the bowl. I was pretty sure it would be too diluted a sample, but I thought MAYBE it would tell me what I wanted to know.

"Not Pregnant" popped up in the test's window.

Those words seemed a little harsh.

I showed my husband, who wasn't surprised.

"But I'm sure the sample was too diluted to tell," I said, because by now, I really felt like I might be pregnant. It was just a matter of proving it.

So I drank some water, waited a few minutes, and gave it another shot. This time, I collected my sample in a mini shot glass (one I got my husband in New Orleans that says his name, no less), and stuck the last digital test in there.

And then, it popped up: "Pregnant"

There it clear and finite. Pregnant!

I walked out of the bathroom and showed my husband, without saying a word. He did a complete double take and said, "Are you serious?!"

"I didn't write it!"

"Oh my God! Are you serious?!" he said again.

I couldn't stop smiling, and I guess that convinced him it was real.

"YAY! YAY!" he yelled. "I can't believe we did it!" We hugged, jumped up and down a little, and hugged some more.

Then we decided we wanted to double check again. So I stuck one more regular pregnancy test (from a left-over pack) into the shot glass. Sure enough — a darker pink line developed! It was really true.

Once we'd calmed down a bit, we called my parents. "I'm pregnant!" I said for the first time. They were thrilled — and then since my brother and sister-in-law happened to be visiting them, my husband and I got to tell them too. It was a rush.

Yup, I'd say that morning rates as one of the happiest I've ever had.