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Inching Closer to D-Day

Every day we inch a little closer. Friday I'm approximately 12 weeks away from D-Day… In this case, meaning "delivery day."

Dwelling on labor and getting this baby out isn't as fun as it use to be. I use to be over-fascinated wit labor, now I find myself wishing I could somehow avoid that part.

Maybe the closer I get to delivery the more I'll focus on how I'd like it to go. Right now I try not to think about it so much. Getting into conversations on the topic I've found can be exhausting, and everyone wants to add their two cents.

I know the means of delivering a baby is a very sensitive topic. Everyone has opinions on the best way to do it, but I know that for me, the best thing I can do is educate myself and stay open minded during the labor process.

I've heard so many stories of women making "birth plans" but then coming out saying their baby had other plans.

There are a few things I've already decided: We're not hiring a doula, we're taking a childbirth class together (Lamaze), I'm open to an epidural, I'm also open to a drug-free birth.

I honestly don't really have a preference and I think I'd rather see how I can handle it when I'm experiencing it versus setting my brain on one thing then being disappointed with the outcome if it's different.

I truly believe women have totally different tolerance for pain, and that some women experience labor pains different than others. Two of my best friends made it to the hospital not long before it was baby time. One was fully dilated when she arrived an the other was at about 7 centimeters. She still opted for the epidural, which she says she doesn't regret getting for a second.

I was all set for an unmedicated birth until my husband were at the mall the other day and I was struck with cramps (maybe Braxton Hicks Contractions?). I started breathing heavily, and grabbing my side, the onlooker may have thought I was in labor then, and I was ready for some drugs. "Who am I kidding?" I thought to myself.

Much of it is all still up in the air. More so than a plan of how I'd like things to go during labor, I have some ideas of how I'd like things to go right after: I'd like my husband to cut the umbilical cord, I'd like my daughter to be placed on my chest right after birth if possible, I'd like her to stay in the room with us, and I'd like to be given the chance to breastfeed soon after delivery.

I'm not sure yet if my approach is a good one to have. I don't want to over think and over-plan an experience that will only be a moment in the rest of my life with my new child. Sure, it's a big moment, but it's not everything.

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