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It’s Raining Friends

Over the weekend, I had my second baby shower, the one thrown by my local friends, as opposed to the one last month in my hometown, with my mother and her friends, and my sister and cousins.

One of the “games” organized at this shower was a small journal passed around the party in which guests were invited to write a story about me, something I’ve said or done, that shows what a good mom I will be — a personalized book of encouragement.

I haven’t looked in the book yet, but I keep it near me. I'm saving it for that first moment of doubt.

One friend who was not able to make it to the party (living as she does in another city with her toddler and infant sons) emailed her entry to the hosts. Her sister, who did attend, read it out loud.

This is what she wrote:


Obviously, anyone who can wear a pot on her head and pretend it’s a hat will be a fabulous mom.

Obviously, a woman who willingly and enthusiastically dresses up like a pirate to see the latest Johnny Depp movie will be an amazing mom.

Obviously, someone who can improvise hilarious and at other times deeply moving stories in front of an audience will be a dynamic and insightful mom.

Need I say more? Sure!

Obviously, anyone who will listen, at a moment’s notice, compassionately and selflessly to her friends, will be a spectacular mom.

Obviously, a woman who takes time to reflect, pause, and wait, will be a wonderful mom.

Obviously, I need to take a moment to acknowledge that every mom is entitled and required to be a “whatever” or “so-so” kind of mom at any time!

There is a phenomenon that was described in a book that Julie and I recently, and accidentally, read at the same time: There is a mother out there, in the future, that is beckoning to her to become her. She is smiling. Figure that out!

Enjoy the journey. I know you are!!!

With love and joy,


* * *

Okay, now I’m all choked up again. Especially about the pot on my head part. Go figure.