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It's a...

I'm in shock. I really really thought I was having a girl. At least two friends told me they'd had dreams about my baby being a girl. And what about my friend who'd said our inseminating activities having taken place in advance of ovulation meant we'd have a girl? And then there was that astrology reading?!?

Plus this deep-down certainty that I was running around with.

Ha! I was so wrong.

It's a boy.

I'm getting used to the idea now.

Do all women want girls? Early on, I was so sure it was a girl that I actually went through the disappointment of it not being a boy. Yes, I am that nutty.

We called Scott's father first. Because Scott had this urge. A primal Dad-Son-Dad thing. And then we called my sister, because I was working my way up to calling my parents. I thought my mom was pretty set on a girl, too, what with all the handmade French baby clothes she'd been saving for me, lo these last 37 years.

My mom's response: I knew it. I had this feeling all along. I told so-and-so today, "It's going to be a boy."

She could have mentioned that to me? I mean, Scott and I were so sure -- every time we looked at baby names, we only looked at girl names.


At this very moment, my husband is working on his computer and listening to Mandy Patinkin full blast, a large swelling orchestral number about being a father to a boy.

I'm mourning the loss of pink.

Snails and puppy dog tails? How am I going to do this? I didn't have any brothers; I went to an all-girls school; I hardly even KNOW any boys. It took me 34 years to find and marry one. I don't know how they WORK.

Is there a book for this?

Advice, anyone?