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It's a...

GIRL!!!!! We're thrilled! Woohoo! But honestly, I'd prepared myself so much for the possibility of a boy (and I was getting really happy about the idea of a boy too), that I didn't believe the technician at first. In fact, she ended up checking twice because I needed more convincing.

Well, actually, the technician FORGOT to check the gender originally — even though we told her the moment she began the sonogram that we wanted to find out the sex. But clearly, this wasn't nearly as big a deal to her as it was to us.

After she confirmed that we DID want to know the gender, she said she'd tell us at the end of the sonogram. So there we were, waiting patiently (during the nearly half hour sonogram) for her to tell us information about our baby while different views of the body popped up on the monitor. But this technician was tight-lipped. You'd think she had no idea that there were two people next to her marveling at these images — which were, of course, all new to us. (We were continually saying things like, "Wow, look at that!" or "How incredible!") Still she was as cold as the ultrasound jelly she spread on my tummy — not even a smile here or there. So every now and then we'd try to prod her to tell us something since we usually had no idea what we were looking at.

"Is that a hand?" I'd ask, or "What was that movement?" my husband would question.

Eventually, the technician broke down a little and told us when she checked most of the body parts (the cranium, the heart, the kidneys, the bladder, a foot, etc.). But never once did she say anything about the genitals.

So the whole way through, I wasn't sure if she knew and was just waiting until she was done to tell us, or if she hadn't found out yet herself. Then, eventually, she said that she was done, and that the doctor would be in to see us shortly — and she started to get up.

"Will you be back?" I asked, even though what I really wanted to say was "Is it a boy or a girl?!!!!"

"Oh, right, you wanted to know the sex…I forgot," she said — actually reading my mind — as she sat back down to look for that image.

"You forgot?!" my husband said.

On the monitor my uterus showed up again as she started to look for the little penis, or lack thereof. And all of a sudden she said...

"You're having a little girl."

My husband looked at me in disbelief and leaned down to give me a hug and a kiss, and I said, "Are you sure?"

"Well, we're never a 100 percent, but we're pretty sure."

That wasn't incredibly convincing. The last thing I wanted was to prepare for a girl and then pop out a boy. So when the hospital's doctor came in, I asked her what she thought.

"Oh, she didn't leave that image up on the screen," she said. Of course, she didn't.

Fortunately, the doctor went looking for herself. And when she couldn't locate the genitals, she then asked the technician to find the image again. My husband and I still couldn't really tell what we were looking at, but this time the doctor made it a little clearer by saying: "She's showing you that there's nothing between the legs."

So, I guess that's as sure as we're going to get! Two views and two opinions all point to a baby girl!!! It seems like the Shettles method we tried may have actually worked!

Visions of ballet lessons, dolls, and long talks with my daughter are already dancing through my head. Everyone — including my parents, my in-laws, and my brother and sister-in-law — are overjoyed. Bring on the pink!