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Let the Weird Pregnancy Dreams Begin

The good news... I passed my glucose test. My phone rang yesterday afternoon and I got a little nervous when I saw it was my OBs office calling me. I answered hesitantly but was greeted by a friendly voice. She told me I passed my glucose test but my iron was a little low, and gave me a suggestion for an iron supplement.

It's what I suspected since I've been feeling a little lightheaded and weak, and at times I've even blacked out and fainted.

It's the first thing I'm going to pick up at the store tomorrow.

In the not so good news section, I thought I was maybe exempt from crazy pregnancy dreams because I had such weird vivid dreams before pregnancy. I'd wake up every morning ready to tell my husband about the invisible hunters from another dimension trying to steal my magic egg. For the most part, since I've been pregnant, my dreams have been fairly normal, totally logical, and understandable. But the weird ones are starting to pick up.

Last night I had a dream that my baby girl was born four months early, and I was mad at my husband because we weren't ready. We didn't have the crib up yet, and it was his fault since I've been telling him the past month that I want to put it together. I was upset because we didn't have any diapers when I've been nagging my husband for us to buy a pack of diapers every time we go to the store.

"We have four months," he tells me. But is it just me and my crazy urge to nest or does it feel like I need to be ready like a month or two before? I really just want to be able to sit back the last month or so and wait for her to come. My best friend told me that's not a good idea because it makes those last few days and weeks so much longer, but at this point I don't think I'd mind.

The dream felt so real though that I woke up in a panic wondering where she was. Then baby girl kicked me and I remembered she was still in there (thank goodness).

A few weeks ago I had a dream I was pregnant with an alien. It's on the weird side but not as strange as my friend who had a dream she birthed robotic puppies and tried to nurse them.

I'm sure my dreams will get crazier as time goes on and I'll be sure to let you know about them.

Did you have weird crazy pregnancy dreams? Remember any of them?

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