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April Showers

Toppers by Goldylocks on Flickr

36w1d - I want to write an effusive, flowery post today that paints in brilliant colors all the details of the shower that was thrown this weekend for the Mister and I. I'd like to tap into the absolute zeal I woke up with this morning after seeing so many of our dear friends who live faraway, who all came to our favorite Brooklyn bar to high-five us and wish us well until we next saw them, Tersh in tow. (We anticipate it may be many, many moons until we finagle a four-hour drive with an infant. And I can only imagine that invites are scant for houseguests who shriek throughout the night and soil linens and overwhelm already-diminutive spaces with their noisy, décor-inappropriate gear.)

But as much as I wish there was some way for me to elucidate precisely how full our gauges are today given yesterday's outpouring of support and love (and, bless our buddies, gift cards(!) and organic rompers), I just don't know where to start without sounding melodramatic and overly saccharine.

I didn't ever think I would have a baby shower because I couldn't imagine actually staying pregnant.

I couldn't imagine celebrating anything our-baby-related, ever, because my attempts at growing babies just kept failing.

As incredulous as I am each time I watch this child barrel-roll across my belly or quiver with hiccups throughout the day, I am equally in awe of actually being welcomed into this new parental society—especially by the same people who have given us so much trussing already in these last two years of conception drama.

Parties for parents-to-be are one of those normal-pregnancy things I just haven't felt was ever within our reach. And wouldn't you know it, here we are.

I am still surrounded by a kaleidoscope of tissue paper and cards, and I don't know how to explain what all of that good juju means for this rapidly expanding family. I wish it were possible to express (succinctly and with panache) how grateful, how enveloped with yes we can! we feel today.

Albeit trite, "showered" is a very strong start.

Tell me, those of you who have also been delighted and feted by friends in anticipation of your bab(ies): What was your most profound takeaway at the end of your party?