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Lucy Strikes

Yesterday morning I woke up to an unpleasant surprise. Well, first, I woke up the usual way, with my dog, Lucy, squealing on her hind legs, asking to be brought up onto the bed. I obliged and we did our usual morning greeting of cuddles and licks. And then, when I made it out into the living room, I saw the unpleasant surprise.

Lucy had knocked my bag off a chair at some point in the night and had gone to town on its contents. She'd shredded papers, eaten the bulk of a pen, and worst of all, she'd chewed up my PsiBands (my anti-nausea wrist bands)! Whether or not the bands were actually working, I don't really know, but wearing them had at least given me some naïve sense that I had a little control over making my nausea better.

Needless to say, I was MAD — and I was nauseous.

I told her, "No!" sternly multiple times and she lay down on her back in apology, and then I couldn't stay mad anymore. So I simply picked up the bits of paper and pen before I went to eat some Saltines.

But it's weird that Lucy would do this now, since she hasn't destroyed anything of consequence in our place since she was a puppy. Maybe she knows that things are about to change at home, and she's taking it out on me? Dogs are pretty intuitive...Who knows, but I will say this: I don't feel any more nauseous now that I'm not wearing the PsiBands. Maybe Lucy did me a favor and freed me from my faux anti-nausea shackles.