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Maternity Clothespony

I'm just a little pony. A clotheshorse would have a lot more options in her closet than I do.

The Bottoms: I've got my beige stretchy linen pants; the same ones in black; two pairs of jeans (was going to muddle through with one, but my thighs and butt got too big); one pair of black fancy-pants for showing up at occasional work meetings and going to weddings; one light blue skirt — long, stretchy, drawstring, not officially a "maternity" skirt, but it works; one pair of Indonesian wrap-around pants that also predate the pregnancy, and also kind-of work; three pairs of stretchy yoga pants that I've also had for years, and will have to throw away soon after the birth due to current over-taxing of the elastic fibers.

The Tops: A diminishing catalogue of pre-pregnancy t-shirts that can still fit, though often over an extra long tank top to cover my lower belly; two short sleeved — blue, green —and two long sleeved  — black, white — super-stretchy maternity shirts that have gathers up the sides; one fancy long-sleeved top with plunging neckline and black and white swirls, for weddings; three tank tops, very stretchy, in black, white, and green; one super-cute stretchy empire waist sleeveless layered top in a pattern of light blue and white flowers with squiggly black outlines.

The Intimate Miscellany: Three bras, all purchased during trimester one, after initial breast expansion  —  two under-wire, one sports model  — currently being worn to death (destined for trashcan a la yoga pants described above); two bathing suits — the first one died of chlorine overexposure in twice-weekly prenatal swim class, fortunately the replacement was obtained on sale; and a growing supply of underwear — literally growing IN SIZE, purchased progressively as my pelvic bones spread.

Keeping Warm:
One short-sleeved black cardigan; one long-sleeved crisscross closure gray sweatshirt; one long-sleeved gray sweater; a range of reasonably-fitting pre-pregnancy cardigans, jackets, and coats.

Is it just me, is it the season, or is there an actual predominance of gray and black in maternity-wear land? I feel like I'd much prefer a more colorful palette but have been unable to feed that need with that's available in the stores. I'm personally further limited by a body type that is hard to fit under normal circumstances — large bust, broad shoulders: Many an "empire waist" is no such thing on me, more of an empire under the armpits, across the nips. Not flattering.

Though I long to be pretty, fashionable, and wow, I'm resistant to drop any more dough on preggie-specific items. I only have 12 weeks left.

At this point, it's like the equivalent of backpacking across Europe. Not as much stuff as one might like to have on hand, but enough to make do without weighing you down too much while you experience the adventure of a lifetime.

At least I'm not washing my underwear in a youth hostel sink.