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Meet Our New Project Pregnancy Blogger!

Editor’s note: Welcome Jennifer Johnson! She’ll be blogging about her pregnancy twice a week here on Project Pregnancy. Read on to learn more about Jennifer.


Well…things are a little different now than they were five months ago. I’m a lot rounder now. In fact, I can’t see my toes when I’m standing up… and that’s a big deal since my feet are size 11. Speaking of feet, that’s another thing I hear changes while you’re pregnant. I don’t want to believe it but I hear your feet get bigger. I’m praying that won’t happen to me since it’s already hard enough to find cute shoes, but I guess it’s just a price I’ll have to pay for this little one.

There are a lot of things they don’t tell you about being pregnant. I spent a good year or so asking that specific question to moms: “What is it people DON’T tell you?” That was my way to weigh the pros and cons to jumping on the reproduction train.

I was married at 18 (to my defense it was just a few weeks from my 19th birthday). I thought I’d be married much later in life, have kids around 30. But when I met the love of my life just six months before (yes that’s all), everything changed.

We set a goal to wait five years before we start trying to have a baby. It wasn’t so hard to follow that goal the first couple of years. But by the third and fourth year of marriage those chubby baby cheeks were looking sweeter and sweeter.

That’s when the desire and nervousness simultaneously set in. Was I really almost ready to become a mom? Ready to change my life forever and have someone to call my own? REALLY?

The permanency of it was the scariest to me. I felt ready in my heart but my brain could quite wrap itself around the finality of motherhood. It was scary… deciding to become a mom—or to try to at least. But I followed my heart when it told me the time was right.

We decided September 1, 2009 would be our “D Day” or “Baby Makin Kickoff Day.” There was a lot of preparation beforehand, research, soul seeking and, well… practice.

D-Day came, and thanks to my OCD self I knew that it happened to fall perfectly on my ovulation day. Fourteen days later… nothing. Well, something, but it wasn’t pleasant. But apparently that was just a test-drive because only a month later, we found out we were expecting a little one. A couple of weeks ago we found that little one is a baby girl, and I couldn’t be happier.

Now my little baby bundle is growing bigger and bigger and making my feet disappear. She’s due in about 20 weeks, and I’m excited to share my pregnancy journey with you.

I’ve never done this before, this pregnancy thing. So I hope you’ll share your advice and words of wisdom along the way!

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