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I’m Having Christian Grey’s Baby

Melanie at

14w,1d. It’s kind of mortifying to admit, but I think I might have Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James to thank—well, at least in part—for this baby, due on 1/2/13.

At my book club the other night, we discussed (and laughed about) the book. I hadn’t known that the group was meeting that night until about an hour beforehand, but as my husband had taken the kids away for the evening and I’d already read the book (already read the entire trilogy, in fact), I headed over, happy to catch up with new friends for the first time in a couple of months.

Most of the women had mixed reactions to the book—glad that some women who might otherwise be too embarrassed to talk about sex and trying new things were able to open up a bit more, but kind of embarrassed themselves to have been seen reading the book in public and rather disappointed in the quality of the writing. While admittedly, I didn’t remember that much of what I had read, given that I sped through the three books on my Kindle earlier this spring, I (shh!) kind of enjoyed them. Well, enjoyed them enough to slog through all three. And enjoyed them enough to be less than mindful of birth control and possibly more overtly interested in my husband while I was reading them … and here I am, 14 weeks pregnant.

And actually, that’s how I broke the news of my pregnancy to the group—when one woman joked about the potential for a Fifty Shades of Grey baby boom nine months from now, I sheepishly raised my hand, pointed at my belly, and said I had a mini-Christian in there. Or, technically, maybe a mini-Anastasia (although I’m still leaning toward this one being yet another boy). At that point, another woman chimed in and said that she, too, was expecting—although quickly clarified that it had happened before she read the book.

Maybe I need to take another flip through the books some time soon—this time, in search of baby name inspiration.

Have you read Fifty Shades of Grey? Did it have any impact on your sex life?