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Cloth Diapers for Newborns?

Thanks to my work as an editor at over the last couple of years, I had the opportunity to learn about lots of parenting choices that I might have otherwise overlooked. For a breastfeeding, homebirthing mama like myself, one such choice that might have fit into my life earlier on had I known more about it was cloth diapering. Luckily, I got the chance to do loads of research (and laundry) for an assignment and with the patient guidance of the awesome women behind Jillian’s Drawers (which has a really incredible try cloth for $10 program) and Diaper Lab, I was surprised to find that I actually enjoyed using cloth diapers.

My second son was already a toddler by the time I learned anything about cloth diapers, so I’ve never had to use them regularly on an infant before—but I really want to. I have a great stash that I want to make use of—and there are lots of incredibly cute, girly prints that I have coveted for, literally, years, that I can finally enjoy (not that this baby girl won’t be wearing plenty of fire truck-printed diapers). But, while I have lots of diapers that will be great starting around 12 pounds or so (many one-size diapers claim to fit from 8-35 pounds, but they don’t actually fit a newborn very well), I don’t have any for an itty bitty baby (both of my sons were just shy of 8 pounds at birth)—and so I’ve been diving into some research as of late. In addition to reading all of Amalah’s “Adventures in Cloth Diapering a Newborn” series, I also reached out to the folks at Jillian’s Drawers and Kelly’s Closet for advice on which diapers I should check out for this little girl’s first few months. I’m not sure why I feel differently this time around—why I’m not immediately ordering a box of Pampers Swaddlers like I did the last two times—but I guess a large part of it is just being more aware of the options. I didn’t have a single friend who used cloth diapers when I had either of my sons and knew nothing about how much cloth has changed since my parents used it with me and my little brother many, many years ago. I still don’t know many folks in person who use cloth—but I know that there’s a very active online community of CD’ing parents (and here’s where you get to come in).

Thus far, because I don’t want this to be an incredibly pricey experiment (let’s face it—those first days and weeks with a newborn are exhausting and disposable diapers might just appeal more than I anticipate—and these tiny dipes will only be used for a few months in any case), I’ve been leaning toward the most economical option of using prefolds with Snappis and covers. That being said, I’ve heard great things about Rumparooz Lil’ Joeys, which feature an umbilical cord-friendly snap to keep the diapers out of the way of the healing stump. BumGenius, which makes an all-in-one (AIO) diaper that I loved for our toddler, also makes a newborn AIO that appeals as well, in terms of ease-of-use, especially if I don’t want to be the only one handling diaper changes. 

Did you ever use cloth diapers? Do you have any recommendations for newborn cloth diapers? Leave a comment below (and rock my world and credit card statement)!