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Baby Girl's Nursery Is Ready!

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38w, 1d. After many, many months, the nursery is finally done! Come take a peek inside our daughter’s new room!

Back in August when we learned we were having a daughter after two sons, I was keen to create a special space for her. We didn’t have an extra bedroom available, but our 3-year-old was finally transitioning out of his crib, and to help ease his transition, we tried moving him into a toddler bed in his big brother’s room. Although it wasn’t exactly a seamless move, it has worked well enough to stick with the arrangement, conveniently leaving me with an empty room to re-design for our daughter. But, given that we had just had the room painted and furnished barely two years ago when we moved back into my childhood home, my husband wasn’t eager to spend much money to overhaul the space. In fact, I was politely informed that there would be no painting, no new window treatments… But with Pinterest, anything is possible, right?

Fortunately, we still had the nursery furniture from when our 5-year-old was a baby—a white Oeuf classic crib and dresser (the 3-drawer one we have is no longer available, but a 4-drawer model is), and a white Eames molded plastic rocker. None of it was cheap (although cheaper knockoffs can certainly be found online), but it has all held up incredibly well, and we still love the clean, modern look of it all. To keep the room tidy, we added inexpensive storage courtesy of Expedit shelving units and a Trofast frame with bins, both from Ikea (the latter holds all of our cloth diapering supplies and kind of makes me magically happy when I open up a bin to find tiny little pink diapers).

To change the look of the room, I decided to start with swapping in some new crib bedding (we had a white and gray chevron striped bumper with red crib sheets) and a new rug (it was a massive swath of dark blue), to get some bang for our buck. The walls were a light, bright green—not particularly feminine, but gender-neutral enough for me to give up on fighting to have them painted (or actually go to the trouble of doing it myself—although, yes, it ultimately probably would have been cheaper if we had just painted—then again, I still would have wanted new crib bedding and a rug, so…). The window treatments were custom blackout shades (we live in a house dating back to the 1860s, so our windows are an odd size, necessitating the custom sizing) in a map print (specifically this Out to Sea Map print from Ralph Lauren), and given how important sleep is in this household, I didn’t want to lose the blackout feature of the shades by swapping in some girlier but translucent curtains. Anyway, keeping the shades meant trying to find crib bedding that worked with it, and the map print on the shades immediately made me think of travel as a nursery theme—something my husband and I love to do, albeit infrequently these days—and a theme that wouldn’t feel too baby-ish within a year or two. I ultimately softened the look of the shades a bit with these sheer (and easy iron-to-hem) Matilda curtains from Ikea for less than $20/pair.

I then stumbled upon this purple bazaar crib bedding from The Land of Nod and liked the idea of the green walls-purple bedding combo, as well as the kind of global market feel of the design, as it fit with the travel theme. My mom and her father both worked overseas (throughout Africa and India, respectively) and as a result, we have quite the stash of fabrics for wall hangings from their travels. Hanging some of those fabrics would not only brighten the room but remind me of my mom, who passed away from breast cancer shortly after our second son was born and thus will never get to meet her granddaughter. Walls? Done.

But I still wanted the room to feel really feminine, given that this is our one and only daughter—and the daughter I never thought we’d have, given that only boys have been born into my husband’s family for the past few generations. In my many hours spent on Pinterest, I found this sweet pompom/lantern combo idea from cupcakeMAG, which I used in place of a mobile above the crib, in addition to some fun garlands, found mostly on The Land of Nod and Etsy.

The rug was one of the hardest elements for me to choose. Originally, I thought about doing some kind of cozy shag rug, but then I thought better of it after being reminded of all of the spit-up and other stains that would likely appear shortly after baby girl’s arrival. The window shades had yellow and red accents, and I ultimately settled into a hunt for a yellow rug to give the room a bit more brightness (it doesn’t get a ton of sun, sadly). After several months of hunting, I finally chose this DwellStudio Draper Stripe rug, which I love in its simplicity, given how intricate some of the Indian wall hangings are in comparison.

And finally, I’m lucky enough to have some incredible friends who contributed to the room’s design, including one of co-hosts of the sprinkle from last weekend, who stalked my Pinterest nursery board to find décor for the shower that could then be transferred to the nursery (see the hot air balloon lantern, for example), and another incredible friend currently living in Yemen who brought over the incredible lantern lighting up the fireplace and the purple leather pouf next to it, both from a market trip to Egypt. The dolls lining the mantelpiece are all ones my mom used to bring back to me from her African travels. I love that I get to pass along something from my childhood, from my mom, to my daughter.

If there’s anything here that you love and want to find for yourself, check out the links in this post or my nursery board on Pinterest. If there’s anything I’ve missed, just leave a comment below and I’ll try to provide the info for you.

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I’d love to hear about how you decorated your wee one’s nursery. Were you starting from fresh or did you have to re-purpose an older child’s room, like me? Please share your inspiration in the comments below!