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19 Things I Will Miss Most About Pregnancy

Melanie at

36w, 6d. Tomorrow marks full-term for this babe and me, and while I'm starting to do all that I can to get my body ready for labor (more on that in my next post), I'm also already feeling nostalgic for pregnancy (I know, I know, I should really try to stop and enjoy these final weeks--especially since this is really and truly the last time I'll be doing this). And since I already covered the 21 things I won't miss about pregnancy, here are the 19 things I'll miss most about pregnancy:

  1. The anticipation of what's to come--so much of pregnancy feels like the build-up to Christmas, with birth being that final ripping open of the wrapping paper (or, erm, the va-jay-jay, as has been the case for me the last two times)
  2. That incredible excitement at first seeing that double line or positive sign
  3. Feeling super sexy--yep, I love rocking my pregnancy curves, from the generously portioned bosom to that delicious swell of the belly
  4. Not having to try to suck in my stomach (kind of the opposite of the postpartum months)
  5. Feeling really, really special (or lucky?)--I don't take for granted that not only don't men get to experience pregnancy firsthand, but not all women do either
  6. That giddiness at feeling those first real kicks
  7. The feeling of carrying around a super-special secret as the baby moves and you're the only person who gets to feel it (unless someone else gets their hand in the right place at just the right time)
  8. The indulgence--pregnancy is the best time for everything from massages to super decadent brownies, no?
  9. The occasional courtesies extended--be it a seat on the subway, a jump in the ladies' room line, or a hand getting out of a low chair
  10. A reason to really take care of myself--not that I shouldn't always, but the responsibility for growing another person definitely guides me toward better, healthier choices
  11. Smiles from strangers when they see my belly--and smiles from strangers in NYC are otherwise pretty rare
  12. The temporary peace and quiet (while my kids are in school and before I'm listening to the squalling of a newborn)
  13. Pregnancy sex--I don't know why, but it feels like there's something kind of illicit about it, despite knowing that S-E-X is how I got this way
  14. Having a good reason to wear elastic waist pants
  15. Thick, luscious hair (which I know will fall out in dramatic clumps shortly after birth... sigh)
  16. Never feeling truly lonely--I mean, I've got this baby with me all the time, right?
  17. The wonder of it all--we know so much scientifically about pregnancy, but doesn't there still seem to be a heck of a lot of magic and mystery involved?
  18. Feeling such a strong connection to my husband, knowing that we've created this being together
  19. The wondering about who this creature is--what she'll look like, what she'll be like, how she'll change our family

What will you (or did you) miss most about pregnancy? Tell me what I've missed by leaving a comment below!