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The Pregnant Lady vs. The Scale

Melanie at

29w, 6d. It was a surprise to hear recently from my midwife that she'd like me to gain just another five pounds for the remainder of this pregnancy--especially since this is the time where most women pack on 1-2 pounds per week. Eep!

This was at my 28-week appointment, when I'd already gained a total of 20 pounds. With both of my past pregnancies, I gained right around 35 pounds--the high end of what's recommended, but still within the limits--and I just assumed I'd do the same again this time, not specifically as part of any plan but just where my body would take me. And I wish that we'd had this weight conversation a little sooner (or a little more seriously, if we did have it earlier and I'm just blacking it out), because trying to limit my weight gain to a mere five pounds over 12 weeks feels impossible. That being said, I'm really trying to do it. Um, except for last week during my cooking classes when I gained three pounds from all of the sampling...

But now I'm actually down to a net gain of 19 pounds (thank you, walking all over Brooklyn--and, um, an easing of the dreaded pregnancy-induced constipation)--so I've got six pounds to work with over the next 10 weeks. And, really, I'm not going to drive myself crazy over this--I'm not a steadfast dieter (especially not while pregnant) AND the holidays are indeed around the corner (how did that happen?!). But I am trying to be mindful of what goes into my mouth--and I've been kind of astonished at all of the times I've reached for something or gone into a shop with the idea of buying a treat throughout the days. Basically, I've discovered I'd like my pregnancy diet to consist of chocolate milkshakes, exotic-flavored donuts, and spoonfuls of Nutella. Yes, it's kind of horrifying--but I've been denying myself all kinds of other pleasures along the way (like wine) and isn't pregnancy supposed to be a time of indulgence and self-pampering?

You might be wondering why this focus on weight at this point in the pregnancy--and once again, it comes back to my high blood pressure. My midwives feel that limiting my weight gain will help keep my blood pressure from getting much higher; my body doesn't seem to react well to carrying the stress of additional weight. I might counter-argue that the stress of denying myself so many tasty goodies throughout the course of each day actually ups my stress levels and thus my blood pressure, but, um, I'm probably wrong on that front. 

Anyhoo, I've been putting my new cooking skills to good use and had fun working my way through the veggie stalls at the farmers' market this weekend, so I've been cooking up lots of healthy meals in lieu of noshing on the quart of Trader Joe's pumpkin ice cream that's calling my name hauntingly from our freezer. I'd be delighted if I can actually do this and have a slightly smaller but healthy baby (both boys were just shy of 8 pounds, which is totally normal--but wouldn't a 7-pounder be lovely?). Speaking of the little lady, she's dropped from the 91st percentile to the 82nd (before any of this talk about my diet started), which means there haven't been any problems with intrauterine growth restriction as of yet (one of the problems associated with high blood pressure because the placenta may not work as effectively) and apparently likes to hang out with her fingers and her toes within sucking range, as seen here. I'm really, really excited to meet her.

How much weight did you gain in pregnancy? Did your doctor or midwife ever dare to ask you to cut back on treats during that time? Share my pain and leave a comment below!