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A Very Pregnant Halloween

Melanie at

31w, 0d. Happy Halloween from Yoda (and a mini Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader)!

This is the one and only Halloween I've ever been noticeably pregnant, and I really wanted to make the most of it--back in August. And then I spent most of October in denial about how quickly the weeks have been flying by and found myself without a costume just days before Halloween. Good planning, I know. Over the summer, my kids decided they wanted to be Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, and I spent the next several weeks trying to come up with a good costume to go along with them (I've become kind of nerdy with themed family costumes--last year the kids were a cheeseburger and fries while my husband and I were mustard and ketchup, respectively). And while Facebook friends had good suggestions (a pregnant Padme... Jabba the Hut, ahem), I just couldn't pull things together. 

Luckily, our au pair agreed to paint Yoda on my belly and we called it a day. This particular Yoda looked like the unfortunate offspring of the real Yoda and Shrek, but I ended up being the only obviously pregnant woman in town to dress up for the occasion (we go to a little Halloween parade for families)--and the only one to bare her belly in the process--and we got a lot of laughs on our trick-or-treating route, so it was still worth it.

How did your family dress for Halloween this year? Did you ever dress up while pregnant? Share your awesome pregnant costume ideas in the comments below  (although just for the record, this is the last time I ever plan to be pregnant--on Halloween or any other time of year).