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A Milestone

I haven't written in almost a week because, well, I've been too frickin happy. And happiness is pretty boring. I spend time in the nursery every day, sitting in the rocking chair and just feeling lucky. I read in bed (I'm really enjoying Digging to America by Anne Tyler), answer emails, cuddle with the dog, and at night, enjoy dinner and a movie at home with Emily.

I feel ready to be a mom, and am just trying to enjoy my last few weeks of freedom. The hospital stay did such a number on me on that now everything seems wonderful. Or maybe I'm just manic.

Nevertheless, I wanted to mark this important 32-week milestone. After our scare, Emily and I consider every week that passes a blessing. If the babies did have to be born right now, they'd have every chance of making it just fine. Plus, I received steroid shots in the hospital, so the boys' lungs got an extra developmental boost.

Ideally, my doctor would like to see me make it to 36 weeks, at which point we'll do a scheduled c-section. That may seem early still, but twins actually develop about two weeks faster than singleton babies, and the average twin pregnancy goes to just 35 weeks.

So just one more month to go!