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Moving Madness

We moved apartments on Friday — from a one-bedroom in Manhattan to a two-bedroom in Hoboken, New Jersey. Needless to say, I'm exhausted, but happy that the move is behind me.

I spent the last few weeks packing, working with the handyman (he was doing some repairs on our condo before we moved in), packing, going to Home Depot, checking paint colors, donating items to Goodwill, packing, calling various movers, getting our home owners insurance secured, going to Bed, Bath & Beyond, lining up new dog walkers, packing, buying a couple pieces of furniture, packing, and um, packing.

My husband was out of town on business for several days in the two weeks leading up to the move, so the brunt of the work fell on my shoulders — my pregnant, tired, still-nauseous shoulders. And the chaos was not helped by the fact that we moved offices at work at just about the same time. So, I've been kind of stressed out. (The only saving grace was that my mom came to town to help me for a while, thank goodness.)

But don't worry — I haven't lost all perspective in the midst of my relocation. In fact, even when the handyman was putting the medicine cabinets in the wrong spots and we had to switch movers at the last minute, I continued to remind myself how lucky I am: I'm pregnant, I'm moving into a beautiful new home with my sweet husband and cuddly dog, and we're going to start our family there. I've got it good, and I won't let myself forget it.

Still, I can definitely complain. Did I mention that the clothing rod in my closet fell down on Friday (the day we moved in), taking part of the wall down with it? But I digress...

One of the best parts about our new place: the baby's room. We painted it a very light blue and it looks perfect (if we have a boy we'll put darker blue accents around the room, and if we have a girl, we'll put up pink accents). Plus, I love saying, "Can you put that in the baby's room?" or "I think I left it in the baby's room." It has a nice ring to it.

So despite some bumps, our new condo is beginning to feel like home already. Lucky me.