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My Belly

Here I am, six months pregnant now — and I'm feeling pretty proud of my growing belly. To me, it's looking nice and round, and a heck of a lot bigger than before I got pregnant. Here's a picture taken this weekend:

6 months

I'm making progress, right? Well, apparently, to the rest of the world, I'm not pregnant enough.

Case in point: I have yet to be offered a seat on the train. That's right, not one person has offered to let me sit down. Either people are rude (which is a real possibility) or I don't look pregnant to them.

Then, the other day at work, I was meeting some people for the first time and we got to talking about furniture for nurseries, and one of the women said, "Oh, are you expecting?" I mean, how do I not look pregnant? What else could this stomach be? I understand that people tend to be cautious about telling women they look overweight, and I do look more pregnant from the side than from the front, but really.

And of course there are the comments from family members (who shall remain nameless) such as, "Really, you're six months, now? The baby is okay? You're eating enough?"

Yes! The baby is okay. Stop making me second-guess it! My tummy is fine! I am tall, I have a relatively long waist, and I was quite thin pre-baby! If you put my belly on someone who is shorter, you'll see that it's not all that small. What exactly did people expect to see when I got pregnant, anyway? I have three more months to grow here! I can guarantee that if I'd gotten huge right away, I'd have heard comments about how I shouldn't eat too much.

According to my wonderful midwives, though, my tummy is the "perfect size." Direct quote. At my last appointment, one of them measured my stomach and said the most lovely thing: "What a nice belly you have." Just what I wanted to hear.