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My Calves Ate My Ankles and My Belly Button Has Escaped

I'm baking a cake right now. It's one of my spontaneous cravings I decided to cave in to.



Actually it wasn't that spontaneous. It's my sister's 13th birthday. But she lives four states away. Just talking to her about her birthday made me want cake. So I bought some cake mix on the way home from work. I need to get my sugar fix out of me though before my gestational diabetes test on Monday!

Cravings are just one of the things I'm trying to get used to. Along with cankles... These aren't pretty. Some people ask what cankles are. If you haven't seen Shallow Hal, it's when your calves eat your ankles. My husband thinks it's gross but I took a picture. I thought it was funny. Here I am with skinny legs and fat cankles.



Any tips on how to get rid of them? A nurse I spoke with said it's normal so long as they go away in the morning which they do. Once I get home at night and put my feet up they go down. But throughout the day at work they get bigger and bigger and start to hurt.

I've heard different ideas: Less salt, more water, protein, feet up... I'm not sure what helps me more but I'm trying to do a little of it all.

I also have a weird thing going on with my belly button. It pops in and out depending on... Well I'm not sure why it does that. It popped out early -- around 15 weeks. But today it looks like it's half way in. Sometimes after I eat it pops all of the way out. Most days you can see it through my shirt and that's a little embarrassing. Go ahead... make your outie jokes!



I don't have any stretch marks on my belly yet... I'm using a few lotions and creams though I'm not sure they'll do anything... I hear they don't really work and if you're going to get them you'll get them. I already have them on many other parts of my body so I assume I'll get them on my tummy too.

I also have that dark line running down my tummy... I can't remember if I read that goes away or not. Lots of changes going on with my body but you know what? It's all worth it!



Just you wait little Spawnie... I'm gonna be showing you these pictures and telling you about all I went through to get you here!



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