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My D-Day is Approaching: Any Last Words of Advice?

Friday I'll be 39 weeks pregnant and officially rounding the counter on my final stretch of this journey. I can't believe I'm just a week away from my due date. Of course technically this doesn't mean anything because she can come anytime between now and two weeks after my due date, but I'm hoping it's a little sooner rather than later.




My pregnancy has had amazing moments, seeing my baby's heartbeat for the first time, then hearing her heartbeat are memories that will stay with me forever. The day I found out we are having a little girl became the happiest day of my life next to my wedding day. My entire pregnancy experience has been one I'll adore and cherish forever.

The most difficult part I must say has been my cankles. They are bad. Really bad. In fact, my OB even told me my case of edema is in the top five worst cases she's ever seen. My belly doesn't have stretch marks but my feet do. And it pains me to drive when they're all swollen because pushing the pedals forces an uncomfortable crease in them.




Despite my extremely sore feet, I have had a wonderful pregnancy. I didn't experience too much morning sickness, I'm still sleeping wonderfully, and I’ve had a pretty good amount of energy.

Now I'm approaching the most exciting part of it all. The purpose of all of this was to grow a miracle and we’ve done it! She's almost here!

Sadly, knowing that has made me a little crazy lately. I've had a couple of false alarms recently thinking my water has broken. I noticed a little trickle, swiftly make my way to the restroom to examine, smell, observe. I can't decide if it's amniotic fluid, or if perhaps my daughter head-budded my bladder. When no more fluids escape I decide it's most likely the latter.

I did lose my mucus plug last week. I suppose that shows a little progress. Last check I was 1.5cm dilated and 20% effaced. Believe it or not, I’m not doing much to help things along. I did buy a small bottle of primrose oil pills that I've used a couple of times, and I bounce on my yoga ball for awhile every day, but I know my little girl is just going to come when she's ready regardless of my efforts --at least that's what I hear.

I feel like a small child waiting for Christmas -— except I don't know which day Santa is coming. I am so eager not knowing when the big moment will strike, and warn my husband to be on standby and keep his phone close at all times. I'm trying to think of things to keep myself busy and entertained until the big moment strikes, but it's so hard to do.

Labor is something so many women fear, but I couldn't be more excited to experience. I'm excited to relish in the experience. I internally debate over every little twinge in my tummy, wondering if it's a contraction, my squished baby, or just gas.

I'm not set on getting an epidural, or not getting an epidural. We took a Lamaze class, and I've been listening to labor hypnosis every night, I'm hoping that'll help me get as far as possible without help from pain medication, and give me something to fall back on in case I get pain medication but it doesn't work (a fear I'll admit I have).

Although I know I'm within just days of meeting the stranger in my belly who I'll soon know oh so well as my daughter, it feels like it could be years away. I can't imagine what it'll be like when our lives are changed forever, when we're officially parents. But I'm so excited.

I'm secretly hoping she'll come on Father’s Day. What a gift! Regardless I want to think of something to get him for her. He'll be so surprised! Any ideas for first time dads? Any last advice before D-Day (I'm assuming -- or wishfully thinking --it's coming soon)?

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