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My latest cancer results are in: Good news!

I heard from my doctor and my latest test results are back and…they haven’t changed at all from last month. As you remember, my October test showed a very weak positive. We weren’t terribly worried but I was anxious for these results. And the fact that the cancer hasn’t budged—it’s the exact same very weak positive—is a great sign.

My doctor’s words: “I can’t even believe they’re quantifying that level. It’s all relative to the sensitivity of the lab. In a lot of labs your results would be negative.” He also said that the sudden weak positive could be a change because I’m off treatment but it could just mean that the lab has gotten more sensitive. “A good day in the lab is a bad day for a patient because it looks like their disease is growing,” he said.

So anyway, I’m relieved. I wasn’t sure what to expect and no change is always a good thing. The plan is still for me to go back on my meds soon after giving birth. I may breastfeed for a few days or a few weeks, depending on how I feel (more on that dilemma next week). Or I may just thank my lucky stars, fill my Gleevec prescription and buy some Enfamil. Stay tuned!

Hope you all have a great weekend. We’ll be decorating our house for Christmas…here’s hoping Alex doesn’t break every single one of my ornaments!