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My Pregnancy To-Do List

I'm officially in my 3rd trimester now, my belly is bigger, sight of my toes are long gone, and the time left to get things crossed our to-do-list is quickly shrinking... And the list seems to be getting longer.



I've had to break down the things I need to do not only into days but time of day, or else time will fly by and I'll be stuck on the first thing on my list.



I have less than 12 weeks until her due date and I am getting a little anxious.

To my surprise my husband started putting up the crib while I was at work on Easter Sunday. This is BIG news since I do all of assembling around these parts. He was a little embarrassed that it took him two hours and he still didn't complete the task but I was very impressed with his progress, and I'm sure we'll be done after taking a stab at it for another hour or so.

We still need a dresser but other than that and our very important car seat, our shopping list has gone down significantly. Now it's time to set things up!



I've been working on curtains for the nursery. I browsed a little for some online but noticed the prices were way out of our range, so I decided to make them myself! I bought the fabric for two windows in the room and used some iron-on hems (my sewing machine is sorta out of commission right now) and tada! Pretty pink curtains! I ordered some matching pink paisley fabric for the valances but I'm still waiting for those to come in. I'm hoping they come in soon so I can get cracking!

We had another ultrasound Monday because at the first anatomy scan she wasn't with her positioning. My husband and I both prayed on the way there that we wouldn't find out all of the pink (and dresses) we've bought was in vain. It wasn't. She's still a girl!

They also got great measurements of her because she was in a better position this time. She's in exactly 50th percentile... Can't get more average than that!

She didn't look average though, she had the cutest face, and button nose, cute thick lips (like mine) and she just looked PERFECT! I really can't wait to meet her! As soon as I get to a scanner somewhere I'll upload some pictures, she really is a doll (oh my goodness, I'm already bragging!). I'm hoping to get some kind of album going with these photos... Another thing to put on the list.

I've been thinking a lot about labor and delivery lately but my brain is also starting to shift towards pediatric care. I have a list of questions I can ask a pediatrician but I'm a little lost at where to start looking for one.

How did you choose a pediatrician? Did you set up time for an interview before your baby was born? Did you interview them over the phone or in person? Typically will you pay for every interview you do with each pediatrician? This is a BIGGIE to cross off my to-do list.

There's also a few things I'd like to do during my pregnancy just to EXPERIENCE it. It's not crucial but I'd love to get a pregnancy massage, take maternity photos, and maybe even take a babymoon. Anything else you can think of to make sure it's on my list?

Ok moms, share your advice!

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