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Is my water going to break at the mall?! (and other week-before-my-due-date fears)

I have officially entered my last week of pregnancy and while my biggest concern is for a smooth delivery and a healthy baby, I do have some other things keeping me up at night. Here are the highlights:


1. I am worried that my water will break in Dunkin Donuts or while picking up Alex from school. This has caused me to become slightly agoraphobic of late. (My water never broke with Alex and apparently it only breaks in a small percentage of women so this one is kind of irrational, but still…p.s., did your water break?)


2. My hospital is 45 minutes from our house and I worry that I will cut it too close and give birth in my car. Then again, I also feared this on the drive to have Alex and it turned out I was only 1 centimeter dilated when we checked in.


3. I stress that February will be here and my baby won’t. I had two friends recently go two weeks late. Yipes!


4. That Alex will regress and stop napping and/or start waking up in the middle of the night demanding to watch Go Diego Go.


5. Nick and I still haven’t settled on a name and are actually coming up with new contenders every day. I hope I don’t wind up with something I (or more importantly my future daughter) will end up hating….


OK, what do you think: Valid worries? What was on your list-to-obsess-about? I could always use more things to keep me up at night so please share!