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Natural Labor Inducing Techniques: What's Your Favorite?

I'm 17 days away from my due date, and a week away from the cleaner's appointment, and therefore the day I'll be ok with my little princess making her debut.

Before being pregnant and all through pregnancy I ran into women at the end of theirs who were pratically begging their babies to come out. I heard many pleas and learned some tricks of the trade, thanks to them. None of which have I been super desperate to try yet. Being just 37 weeks pregnant and really having enjoyed my pregnancy, I'm in no hurry to evict my baby just yet.

"She'll come when she's ready," I hear from women. ...Of course they're not pregnant, but they probably remember a time in which they were... Or perhaps they can't, and that's why they can only try to sympathize.

"Oh she's ready," one of my friends past her due date screamed out through her blog in frustration. "Her lungs are developed, all systems are a go... She's ready to come out, she's just not doing it."

I couldn't help but giggle a little as I read this post from a woman swollen and sore, ready to meet her little one and ready to just not be pregnant anymore.

Last week my OB checked my cervix and told me I was 1cm dilated, and that means things are progressing already, so I most likely wouldn't go far past my due date and won't need any kind of induction. I was happy to hear this, and sort of got on a kick to see how much more I can get things going before the big show is on the road.

I'm in no hurry to get my little girl out yet. I've really enjoyed pregnancy and I'm not incredibly uncomfortable. Sure, my feet are the size of watermelon, and while my belly has no stretch marks, they do. That's the worst of it really. And it's bearable (especially since I have a wonderful husband who rubs them every night when we come home from work). But being the woman I am who likes to be prepared for every scenario, I've begun my natural induction research early, in case my baby thinks she's rather arrive in July (even though I know she really wants a June birthday and will thank me later).

I haven't done anything too crazy yet. I bought some evening primrose oil pills. I've heard so many mixed reviews about the things, some people swear by them, other say they do nothing. I figure six bucks on a bottle isn't the end of the world, so I splurged. I haven't used them yet, but I may start next week.

I also went on the hunt for some red raspberry leaf tea. I'm not a tea drinker at all, so it wasn't easy looking for it, I eventually gave up when all I could find was "raspberry" (no leaf) tea, and settled for a non-induction theory drink... Cran-raspberry juice, which sounded much more tasty anyway, even though I know it will do nothing.

I use to yell at my husband for parking in spots far away when I could see the second closest spot to the store was open, but now I don't mind. Walking is good for helping things along... Or so they say.

I've had women tell me they were walking around for weeks at 4cm before labor started. But you know how us women are... Sharing labor stories like men share battle stories... We may remember them a little differently than they actually were. Or maybe we exaggerate just a little.

It's hard not knowing when she's going to arrive. I like to plan things. It would be nice to have an idea of how much time left I have to work before she decides to come out. But I guess unpredictability and following her schedule, is just one thing I'm going to have to adjust to pretty soon. Just in case I've been putting in extra hours to get some projects finished early, well before her due date.

I know it's mostly wishful thinking... That she'll come early, but I just have a feeling she will.

I have another OB appointment today and I'll find out if we've progressed any more since last week. I'm not expecting much, but it sure would be nice to be walking around 4cm dilated for weeks before labor starts. Heck... I'd be almost halfway there before the games begin.

So we have evening primrose oil, extra walking, and possibly (if I brave the aisles to look for it again) red raspberry leaf tea. What other natural labor inducing techniques should I keep in my back pocket for the coming weeks?