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Nice to Meet You!

Thanks Erin, and everyone, for the warm welcome! I’m excited to be blogging about my pregnancy here on; it’s a crazy time, and it'll be great to have a place to share the ups and downs, the fun parts and the scary parts. I’ve no doubt, too, that the wide range of perspectives that all of you can offer will be an indispensable gift, and that someday I’ll look back at this record of-sorts and vividly recall what this whirlwind feels like.

I’m five and a half months pregnant with my first child, a boy. My husband and I are delighted, and rapidly trying to put the pieces together (and even just figure out what the real pieces are, as they differ from couple to couple, family to family). As Erin mentioned, we didn’t expect to get pregnant when we did. In fact, we found out we were pregnant three months into wedding planning, and got married when I was three months knocked-up.

I’m 24, and my husband's 33, so among friends my own age I’m definitely the first to embark on this journey (the average new American mom is 25, but the average here in NYC is certainly higher), and among friends his age we are-- save for one couple who adopted their first child two years ago and is waiting for their second-- also at the front of the pack, although more of our friends in that circle are actively trying to conceive, or actively curious about how it’s all going down for us. I’ll put money on the likelihood of one or two more babies being present at next year’s round of holiday parties.

In the meantime, I’ve got a big cheering section, but this is in many ways brand new territory that the people I’m surrounded by can’t directly relate to. Everyone’s experience is different, of course, so this is true to some degree for everyone. I hope that through sharing my experience here, though, I can offer camaraderie and reassurance to others who’ve found themselves expecting when they didn’t expect to and navigating the wilds of weight gain, work, blood tests, and financial question-marks. For you more seasoned moms and moms-to-be, I hope to make you laugh and that we’ll all expand each others’ ideas about pregnancy, parenting, and the ongoing adventure we’re all a part of.

I welcome your ideas, questions and comments --let me know what you want to read and discuss.

I'm also keeping another blog at where you can find tips, interviews, and anecdotes from me and other moms (some who've been at it for longer than I have) who are taking a creative approach to being a Mama. Stop by!