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No One Told Me to Buy Diapers...for Myself

Something I noticed this week that I kind of wished someone had warned me about was the feeling you get in your stomach as you start to get big. I'm 22 weeks pregnant this week, and it's the strangest feeling, feeling like you're completely overstuffed like you've just finished eating a big Thanksgiving meal haven't eaten anything yet today.



My skin feels all stretched out and my tummy feels heavy. It's not really a big complaint or anything it's just weird. And it's one of those things they don't tell you about beforehand.

Another piece of information people tend to withhold from you until you're already along for the ride is the fact that you're actually pregnant for something more like 10 months...not 9. That is if you count a month as being 4 weeks -- Which I do these days. So here I am 5.5 months down and 4.5 more to go.

I wish someone would have told me to stock up on diapers. Not for my baby but for myself. I used to pride myself in my bladder capacity, and strong urinary tract muscles that would help me form ever resorting to using a public restroom. Last week I had the most humbling experience when I was filling up for gas and the urge to pee hit me.

In my pre-preggo days this wouldn't have been an issue. Once the initial urge hit I could hold it for another hour or two if I had to. These days, the first sign that I need to go pee means I should have relieved myself five minutes ago.

I debated holding it, and while I was just a few short blocks from my job, it was raining and there was heavy traffic, I knew there was no choice but to pee on myself, or go into the gas station and search for their public restroom. I cursed my bladder and the fact that I didn't have a diaper with me. Oh, how Depends would have been a more appealing option right then!

I walked into the convenient store part of the gas station and asked if they had a restroom. I wasn't sure if this was one of those places where they'd just tell you "no" or if they'd hand me a key attached to a giant hubcap to take with me behind the building to unlock their hidden, locked restroom.

Two men behind the counter spoke in their language. It seemed to me as if they were debating if they'd let me use it. I noticed one of the men glance at my belly before he pointed to the back corner.

I braced myself for the worst display of sanitation but luckily it wasn't that bad. I didn't chance it though...I double lined the seat with toilet paper and did my best to squat above that.

I'm not sure I can remember the last time I've made it to the bathroom in time. I mean really...There've been many close calls. I hear this bladder issue gets worse through pregnancy but then goes away immediately after birth and I'm not gonna lie, I'm looking forward to it going away. I'm not complaining though, honest. My baby girl is worth every leak.

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