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Nothing Fits!

Ashley Fraxedas

35w2d- I’ve officially outgrown my maternity clothes. I’m half proud and half annoyed. 

For a long time I proclaimed how comfortable maternity clothes were. “I don’t understand why people don’t wear these all the time! Even when they aren’t pregnant!” The glorious stretchy band fit perfectly over my baby bump. No zippers to worry about leaving down. No buttons to try and suck in to close. Ugh. Those were the days. 

Now, my maternity pants dig into the lowest part of my belly, making me feel like I’m squishing my poor daughter the entire day. And forget sitting down in them. I’m gasping for air immediately. That comforting bellyband? Yeah, it doesn’t even come halfway up my stomach now. And even if it did, it’s too tight. And hot. And itchy. 

But I refuse to go out and waste more money on clothes that I will only wear for a few weeks! Enter, the maxi dress. 

Thank goodness long, pajama-like dresses are mildly in fashion right now (not that I would care anyways). These dresses are saving me and my growing self. I’m not even buying ones specifically for maternity, so hopefully they will fit when I’m not pregnant. If not, I’ll pass them along to other pregnant friends. If I could wear my Gap Body pajama pants and Jason’s t-shirt to work, I’d be fine. But I think that’s frowned upon. 

I feel like I dramatically changed in size last week. It was an abrupt difference, or at least it felt like it was. I went from feeling nimble and energetic to, well, feeling very pregnant. I’ve always heard that the last few weeks of pregnancy are very uncomfortable. With about 5 or so weeks left, I’m actually feeling pretty good. But I don’t want to jinx myself. 

Limited wardrobe aside, there’s something so satisfying about saying, “Yeah, I’m 35 weeks pregnant.” This weekend, I’ll be 9 months pregnant. I just can’t believe it. Whenever a woman was 35-plus weeks pregnant in my prenatal yoga class, I’d get jealous. They’re getting to meet their baby soon! Well, I’m there. I’m sure I’ll get to the get-this-baby-out-of-me feeling soon enough. But right now, I’ve never loved being pregnant more. Jason and I are trying to sit back and just really enjoy these last few weeks of anticipation. 

Hopefully my co-workers don’t get sick of me wearing the same 3 outfits over a 5-day rotation. Don’t worry… I’m washing them, every few wears. 

What did you wear your last few weeks of pregnancy?