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Nothing To Monitor Here

Saw the doctor this morning. I'm now smack in Week 35, and so far, the threatened twice-weekly non-stress tests (which were supposed to start in Week 34) have not come to pass. Yet.

In fact, everything that has threatened to be a problem, so far (knock on wood) has turned out fine. Baby is growing on schedule, rather than being too small — considered a possibility due to my two-vessel umbilical cord. Concerns about kidney or heart issues, also because of the cord, also have not been found. Previous scares about Toxoplasmosis and Gestational Diabetes turned out to be false alarms. Amnio test ruled out a range of genetic defects linked to Advanced Maternal Age. Mini ultrasound during my OB appointment today confirmed what growth scan last week and a doula's palpations two weeks ago revealed: My baby is head-down.

I've worried so much and yet, my pregnancy is pretty gosh darned normal and healthy. Go figure. Of course, I'm grateful... But does this all mean I could have birthed safely at home?

Scott and I visited the hospital last night for our official tour of the birthing facilities.
Let's just say I didn't find that experience terribly calming.

One woman in my prenatal swim class works for a nonprofit that has her traveling to maternity medical facilities in other countries, India, China, Egypt... She said she's seen the dark side of what happens to women who have limited or no access to proper medical care during childbirth. She said that as much as she'd like to birth at home, she can't in good conscience NOT avail herself of the advances in western medical science.


I mean, I've never been to those countries. However, I too can't say no.