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Out Darn Spot

I've been having a little spotting. Just a tiny bit, which I've read is normal. But to be on the safe side, I called my doctor to let her know. She called back right away, which was great, and she was kind of reassuring, which was a little less than great. I suppose she couldn't just say that it was absolutely nothing, since she hasn't examined me yet, but she said — after asking me several questions about how I was feeling — it was probably fine.

"But this is normal, right? It happens to many women, yes?" I asked her on the phone.

"Yes. Many women have spotting and go on to have perfectly healthy pregnancies."

I would've preferred her to say that "most women" who have spotting go on to have perfectly healthy pregnancies, but what she said will have to do. My first prenatal appointment (when I'll be into my 8th week — although the embryo will be 6 weeks old, which is totally confusing) isn't for another week, so I'll just have to wait it out until then.