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I'm exhausted, I feel nauseous and bloated, and my inflating boobs are killing me. I wish I could just go home and sleep. Instead, I need to work at my job of course, and deal with the millions of loose ends involved in drawing up our will, finalizing our life insurance, and buying our condo (the realtor, the painter, the handyman, the flood insurance, etc.) — and we happen to be moving offices at work, so I have to pack for that move right around the time I'll be packing for my apartment move.

Oh, and to top it off, my arms are incredibly sore and bruised where they took blood from me at my last check-up. The nurse couldn't get all the blood she needed from the first arm (something about the vein collapsing), so she moved on to my other arm to finish the job. And somehow she managed to bruise both of them — severely. So I've had disgusting blueish, greenish, yellowish bruises on my arms for more than a week. I look like a heroin addict. A busty, tired, heroin addict.