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Pampering and Grooming Before the Big Day

I'm not sure if ripping hundreds--quite possibly thousand--of hairs out from a very sensitive part of your body can be classified as "pampering" but we'll get to that in a moment.

I can't believe I'm already on my 37th week of pregnancy… I'll be 37 weeks Friday and it's insane. I'll be full term, and my little baby girl can safely come into the world at any time! It's JUNE, the month she'll (better be) born!

Now comes preparations for the big day, and enjoying my last few weeks of pregnancy, and the last few weeks my husband and I have as a couple without children. I have the cleaners scheduled to come in two weeks and I think I'll plan my day of pampering for the same day.

A manicure and pedicure are essential; I'll get my hair done and possibly get another prenatal massage. I've had two and thoroughly enjoyed both of them. I got an awesome baby shower gift from a friend who gave me a certificate for three pre/post-natal massages. I already used one prenatal and now I’m trying to decide if I get one more prenatal massage before my mini-me is born, or save them for much-needed breaks after her arrival.

Another bit of maintenance I'm debating taking care of before the big day involves getting a Brazilian wax. I’ve never been to Brazil, but I've had a taste of it in this way a couple of times. If I said it was a pleasant experience I'd be lying my head off--and a masochist. You can get my full play by play of the experience from my blog

The first time I did, it was for the experience (not the during part, but you know, so I could say I did it), the second time was for a vacation. I'll admit it wasn't as torturous the second time but it was definitely still agonizing. Worth it after… Of course, but during… OUCH! In fact, I'm beginning to think it's a lot like birthing a baby.

I've never had a baby but I imagine it's similar in the stages and emotions during the process. First, you’re anxious, but excited… Then the first RIP gets ya by surprise, you start to wonder if you can do it. After a few more tears you’re beginning to wonder what you were thinking in the first place, tears begin to pool in your eyes, you contemplate turning back... Wait, is that possible?

The "transition" part of a Brazilian wax is when they as you to turn over so they can do the other side… "What?" You begin to think irrationally. Would running out of the room and going home in that instant be plausible? You debate it but decide it's best to stay and finish the job. Surprisingly that's the quickest part, and when you're all done it’s worth it.

So maybe it's not quite like childbirth. I've talked to women who've birth naturally and said the pain of a waxing of the lady parts sounds much worse. I must say, that gives me some hope. I've survived the waxing...twice. But never while pregnant, which I hear is much more intense with the extra blood flow to the area.

I haven't decided yet if another trip to Brazil will be in my day of pampering. Did you try it? As much as I think it would be nice to feel nice and groomed, I know the hospital staff has seen everything, and they probably won't notice either way. I probably won't care in the moment either, although before, leading up to that day, I'll be wondering about it.

I think I have an internal agreement with myself that if labor hasn't started by her due date, I'll go ahead and do it, even if it's just in hopes to jump start the labor in the process and build up my pain tolerance at the same time.

Did you get pampered before the big day? Or do you want to? What kinds of things do you think are nice to enjoy before or after baby is born?

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